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Better Cotton Initiative

Phone: +41 22 939 12 50
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Membership Coordinator



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London, , United Kingdom

Current / Required role:

Admin & General, NGO & Charity, Environment & CSR


£30,000.00 per year

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Full time



Job Description:

Recruitment of Retailers and Brand members to meet a target of at least 10 new annually (30%)  
  • With Membership Team, plan annual events and recruitment activities geared towards effectiveness in recruitment
  • Engage retailers and brands identified as being critical to the BCI mainstreaming effort and help to further fine-tune and expand this list of potential members 
  • Be available to support retailers and brands as a group or individually as they embark on their BCI exploration, financial planning and decision-making
  • Accompany retailers and brands through the application cycle to BCI
  • Effectively use BCI’s Salesforce CRM as part of the recruitment, on-boarding and engagement process
On-board newly recruited RB members and guide development of their responsible sourcing programme (30%)
  • Assure meetings with the cross-functional teams of retailers and brand businesses to achieve the alignment necessary to embed an effective BC sourcing program
  • Work with new and existing Retailer and Brand members to establish public commitments to uptake 50% of their total cotton consumption as a minimum in their 5th year as a BCI member (30%)
  • Ensure that retailers and brands join BCI and effectively start sourcing Better Cotton from their 6th month as a member
  • Support Retailer and Brand members to establish a communications and marketing plan of action in line with the BCI Claims Framework, for their internal and external stakeholders
  • Enable effective member engagement with different BCI Staff by ensuring proper administration of member files 

Assure minimum service levels to 20 BCI Retailers and Brands (30%)  
  • Follow up with recruited retailers and brands for the first 2 years of joining to ensure that they adopt mechanisms to embed the Better Cotton sourcing programme 
  • Act as Account Manager for a number of existing Retailers and Brand members  to assure the requirements outlined in the section above are fully embedded
  • Ensure member files remain current, and members updated
Events and Marketing (10%)
  • With Membership Team, plan and deliver annual events and recruitment activities geared towards effectiveness in recruitment
  • Support European and international events for BCI retailer and brand recruitment through production and use of targeted communications and marketing, delivering presentations and contacts management
  • Work with BCI staff to assure representation of the  membership function as requested
  • Contribute to the development and regular update of member materials for recruitment, events, member training and promotional purposes
  • Carry out retailer and brand peer workshops with a view to having an ever faster adoption of the BC sourcing programme through peer learning
  • Support the execution of the global annual alternating member meeting/general assembly and annual global conferences
  • Support all team activities and engagements as requested. 

Job Requirements:

  • At least 3 years’ experience working with international retailers and/or brands to implement or execute supply chain sustainability programmes 
  • Ability to effectively make the case for sustainability
  • Proven ability to collaborate effectively across different teams and cultures, strong relationship building skills and service-oriented attitude
  • Good computer skills and IT literacy, to include: Word; PowerPoint; Excel
  • High level proficiency in English, both written and spoken, with attentive listening abilities and the ability to communicate clearly, concisely and authoritatively
  • Proven ability to multi-task and keep track of several projects running in parallel 
  • Proven ability to work autonomously and adapt to changing priorities
  • Demonstrated project management skills
  • Confidence in dealing with different levels of management and practised negotiation skills 
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Ability to travel at least 30% of your time mainly in Europe with occasional travel to the Americas and Asia
  • Understanding of Chain of Custody systems and how they apply to sustainable commodities
  • Good abilities to use the features in Powerpoint, Prezzi  to create attractive presentation materials
  • Event management experience 
  • Experience with using Salesforce​
  • Experience in organizing / moderating a multi-stakeholder group of individuals for constructive collaboration, in either events or working group.